Fitness Friday: Hit the Deck!


A few years ago, one of my exercise science students introduced the class to a workout using a Deck of Cards. I loved the idea and created my own set of exercises for a full body workout.  It is always a class favorite and a fun easy way to change up based on what you have available.
How it works: Assign a different exercise to each suit in a deck of cards. I like to have 3 different sets of exercises. Then let the cards determine the number of reps you complete. Here is a sample workout that mainly uses body weight and dumbbells.  Soup cans or other similar weighted objects can be used in place of dumbbells.

Group 1

heart Pushup Row with dumbbells (can add a single arm row for each arm between each pushup rep) Knees
club Sumo Squat 180 turns on floor
Diamon Glute Bridge

spade Ab curls

Group 2

heart Overhead Press
club Leap Frog squat
Diamon Plank knee to elbow

spade Arm Leg Extension

Group 3

heart Inchworm
club Bicep Curl
Diamon Triceps Extension or Kickbacks

spade Lunges

When the Joker pops up, I usually throw in a few laps around the room and then switch to the next set of exercises.  Be sure to breathe through each exercise and use good form and proper core engagement throughout the workout.  Now go and enjoy the luck of the draw!

*Exercises are linked to the ACE Exercise Library which will show you a picture and description of how to complete the exercise safely and effectively.



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