SAVOR the Flavor of EATING right!

March is National Nutrition Month. The theme from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for this year is “Savor the Flavor of EATING right.” I added emphasis to savor and eating, why? As consumers we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, food labels, commercials, magazines, etc to choose convenience products and/or supplements claiming to give our body the nutrients it need, give us energy, help us lose weight, the list could go on. However, none of those products will truly provide your body with what it needs, especially for the long term. In addition, some of those products may be harmful to the body especially if used for long periods of time.
Recently in the nutrition class I am teaching, we discussed the external factors that influence why and how we eat. Then we followed it up with learning about how to be mindful with eating so you can enjoy your food and eat less. Instead of consuming convenience foods or supplements that make you “feel” better so you can eat whatever you want, try eating foods that naturally contain the nutrients your body needs and will use.
Eating should be an enjoyable experience.   Slow down and take the time to taste and enjoy your food – savor your food. Strive for 90% of what you consume to be healthy choices full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and lean proteins.  There is still room for “fun” foods whatever that may be for you.  Our fun food is chocolate and we have chocolate every day.  The key is moderation, but also to slow down and savor your fun food.  When you actually mindfully enjoy your fun food you may notice you really don’t need very much.  I challenge you to not only eat healthier this month (and moving forward) but to eat healthier and enjoy your food more by slowing down.

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