Fitness Friday: Alphabet Workout!

IMG_6728What are you doing this weekend to be active?  Here is a fun way to get your workout in  – I call it the Alphabet workout.  I can’t take credit for the idea as I saw it posted somewhere during the holidays, but then forgot about it.  I was reminded of it last week when a friend posted her version she used for her class last week and I took it and tweaked it for my class and used it as our “warmup” which ended up being about half our class.  I had them use their entire name, middle name included, for their warmup.  This doesn’t have to be your name – you could come up with any words you wanted – be creative.  You can assign the letters any exercise you want.  I do recommend that whatever exercises you select make sure you are balanced.  For example, include exercises for legs that will target quads, glutes and hamstrings like squats and lunges.  Exercises for the core like bridging, planks, back extensions.  Upper body exercises including upper back like bent over rows to oppose a chest exercise like a pushup.  This will ensure you get a workout for the full body.  If you wanted this to all be cardio, be sure you include movements in different planes, for example jumping jacks and caricoa with your jogs and mt. climbers.

Here is the workout I put together which seemed to be popular because many of my students took the sheets I had posted around the room.  Maintain good form, breathe and have a great workout!

A 50 Jumping Jacks

B 20 ab curls on ball or floor

C 50 squats 

D 15 pushups

E 1 min wall sit

F 10 burpees

G 20 mt climbers 

H 20 ham curls with stability ball

I 30 bridges on floor or stability ball

J 1 minute plank 

K 10 curtsy lunge

L 2 min wall sit

M 20 Dolphin Kicks with stability ball

N 25 Inchworms or inverted flyers

O 40 Torso Twists 

P 20 roll outs with stability ball

Q 30 ab curls

R 15 pushups

S 30 inchworms

T 20 curtsy squats

U 30 mt climbers

V 2 minute plank

W 20 bridges

X 30 jumping jacks

Y 10 Dolphin Kicks

Z 20 pushups


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